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What is a Zillow Certified Photographer? Visit our Zillow Certified Photographer Guidelines for details.

Listings with video walkthroughs are boosted in search results on Zillow, resulting in more views and saves on average. Additionally, when a video is uploaded to Zillow an email notification is sent to any Zillow user who has saved a search in the area of the home- potentially reaching hundreds of home buyers. This email lets them know that a new video has been uploaded to a home in their area, and invites them to take a look. These benefits from Zillow help add more visibility to your listing and help you interact with more serious buyers, as you’ll be connecting with people who have already had a chance to see a video walkthrough of the home. “Tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z buyers may find greater value than older generations in using video/live virtual or 3Dtours to help them make decisions. 45 percent of Gen Z and 41 percent of Millennial buyers find watching a recorded video of a home very or extremely important in helping them decide on their home” ( – 2018 Zillow Trends Report)

Real Estate Photography

The drone we use has a 6K capable camera and can capture stunning video and photographs. Our indoor camera has a wide angle lens and in most cases can show more of the room. Whether the pictures are taken with the drone or our indoor camera, we’re able to shoot in HDR to add a higher dynamic range to the photos.

Real Esate Drone Photography - Mike Booth
Pilot Mike Booth Flying Inspire 2 Drone